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• Improve equine performance
• Maintain equine athleticism
• Prevent injury
• Promote longevity
• Rehab an injury
• Improve pain-related behavioral issues
• Treat sore neck or back
• Provide relief from chronic hoof pain

Your horse deserves to be the best it can be -
Healthier, Happier, Pain-Free and Simply Sound

Shari C. Silverman, VMD, started The Simply Sound Horse to provide supplemental therapeutic medical practices to serve as a complement to traditional western-based veterinary healthcare.

Many horse health problems can be improved and often relieved by the use of manipulative techniques, good nutrition, and a balanced approach to rehabilitation. Acupuncture, a core element in returning a horse to health, has been shown to increase healing by:

- releasing pain interrupting and relaxing endorphins
- increasing blood circulation
- bringing needed nutrients to nerves & muscles to increase healing

Pain is complex and clinically challenging to treat. Often it is easy to overlook subtle signs of discomfort. Like humans, as a horse lives a longer life, issues surrounding pain increase causing quality of life to diminish. As with all creatures, horses have a right to pain relief.

As a graduate of Medical Acupuncture for Veterinarians, the only comprehensively scientific acupuncture course available to veterinarians, Dr. Shari Silverman, VMD, uses techniques blending a scientific modern approach with the ancient medical practices developed centuries ago in China.

Dr. Silverman's equine treatment plans and wellness programs, include:

Laser therapy
Myofacial Release
Osteopathic Manipulation
Exercise & Rehabilitation Consultation

Acupuncture can be an effective treatment for pain influenced issues such as equine osteoarthritis, joint pain, lameness, nerve damage, muscular-skeletal injury, and chronic hoof pain from navicular disease or laminitis.

  • The endorphins released by acupuncture and nutrients brought to the damaged tissues by increased blood flow break the cycle of chronic pain and spasms.
  • Endorphins play a role in the functioning of the hormonal system and acupuncture has been successful with certain reproductive issues.
  • Acupuncture also strengthens the immune system by increasing T-cell counts, which has been found very helpful in treating allergies.

"My goal", says Dr. Silverman, " is to restore structural integrity and equilibrium allowing the body to
better preserve health, or in cases of injury or illness, heal itself.
In other words, A Simply Sound Horse




Dr. Silverman has been passionate about horses since childhood. As an adult equestrian, she competed on the Italian National Circuit including the Italian National Championships. She worked as an ambulatory large animal veterinarian; and as a regulatory veterinarian for the NJ Department of Agriculture and the NJ and PA Racing Commissions.

She has worked at Monmouth Park, Freehold Raceway and The Meadowlands in New Jersey; PARX (Philadelphia Park) Harrah’s Chester, Penn National & Pocono Downs in Pennsylvania.

Shari Silverman lives at Abbey Rose Farm in Hunterdon County, New Jersey with 4 horses, 3 alpacas, 9 cats, 2 dogs, and her husband. If she is not working or riding her own horse, she might be piloting a small airplane in the skies above New Jersey.

Dr. Silverman is available by appointment
throughout New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania.
Phone: (908) 963 6904

 "Dr. Silverman has been working on Remi for several treatments. It has been astonishing to feel the results. She is much more fluid in her gaits and elastic in her movements undoubtedly because she is not in pain anymore. The positive effects of her therapy lasts for weeks!"

-- Karen Froberg-Fejko, VMD
Shamong, NJ
(Remi is a 13 year old Appendix Quarter Horse competing in training level eventing.)